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Yello! Its me!
So it is being typed up right now! It is finished, and will be done by Thanksgiving! I will post any progress it makes, as well as every copy I get. The thing is on paper, and REALLY SHORT. Like I said, it is being typed up. Once it is, I will share it! Ten the adding/beefing process will begin! Once that is done, I will share THAT. Hopefully you will like the new Kat! For now, I will start posting some short, lame stories that are completely inspired by TSFH music. Also, if you have any idea of what I can go as for Halloween, I need ideas! Im collecting cans for the food shelf… So I need a good costime that will get me lots of cans 😊.
Cheers, my friends!



So today the third and final book in the Divergent series came out! The books are written by Veronica Roth, and are in the following order: Divergent, Insurgent, Allegiant.
In the dystopian government in a futuristic Chicago, 16 year old Tris must choose a faction: Abnegation, Erudite, Amity, Candor, and Dauntless. Her family and childhood friends are in Abnegation, and yet she think she is good enough to remain there, so she chooses to transfer to Dauntless. She goes through initiation, which includes knife throwing, gun shooting, fighting lessons, simulations, and the Fear Landscape. She gets a boyfriend. Her friend throws himself off a cliff.
Then, the Erudite team up with the Dauntless to kill all the Abnegation leaders. Using a simulation, the Erudite and Dauntless leaders enslave all the minds of the Dauntless, creating an army. Although Tris and the other divergent are awake during the simulation. Tris and Four get caught, and Four is givin a different simulation for the divergent, while Tris is executed. Her mother saves her, and dies in the process. Meanwhile Four is running the simulation, but against his will. Tris and some others go to Dauntless HQ to shut down the simulation, and Tris kills her friend will. Then Tris finds Four. Tris gets him out of the simulation, and they stop the simulation. Tris’s father is killed.
End of Divergent.
In Insurgent, the group flees to Amity HQ with the simulation data. Tris gets in a fight over the hard drive with the data on it. The Erudite come and look for them, and the hard drive is destroyed, along with the data of Tris’s parents. They go to find the factionless, where Tris meets Four’s supposedly dead mother. Then they leave and go to Candor. Tris goes under truth serum and tells about how she killed Will. They spy on the Dauntless traitors and get shot with long lasting simulation data by the dauntless traitors. They kill Eric, a Dauntless leader. They go with the rest of the loyal back to Dauntless HQ. The Erudite make them go under a simulation, and three people die. Tris sacrifices herself to stop that from happening again. Four goes after her. Tris almost dies, but Peter saves her. The Dauntless storm the Erudite HQ, and the factionless take over. Four finds some data about the factions, and it is projected on the screens.
End of Insurgent.
So now, I am waiting for my copy of Alegiant to mail!
But sadly, people in Canada ALREADY HAVE READ IT. Even Veronica Roth didnt like that…
I know my summaries are not the best, but Im doing this in SPANISH CLASS. Bear with me…
Well, I hope you all go and read these awesome books!




So true… My friend sent that to me so I don’t know where it came from. Ill just say it doesn’t belong to me!
What I think is so great about this is that we were both kind of getting over some rough patches in our friendship. I had made a new friend, and she didn’t really like the fact that I was talking to her. But of corse, we got over it, and she sent me this picture. It was really touching, and yah.